What letter am I avoiding? | The Daily Prompt



Written for The Daily Prompt:

So… an entire blog post that doesn’t contain a specific letter.  Is it possible?  Read on and see!  (Try to pick the letter before the end of the post where there is a hint!)

I am sitting at work waiting for someone who takes college classes to stop by and let me know how he or she is doing. My time will be better spent organizing my office after I am done writing this post.  However, I have no problem relaxing for the moment. 

The weather is a bit cold and snowy, so the school may have a “snow day” tomorrow.  I’ll have to wait and see.  My home needs a good cleaning, so I will probably spend my time doing that if I am snowed in tomorrow. I’ll work in some time to jog, too.

Words and sentences really are amazing.  Each time I want to type that letter, I think of another way to say the same thing. I will probably try to do this again sometime.  Maybe I will choose the letter “e.”  Haha!  Yeah, right!  I’m not that naive to think I can write a relatively lengthy blog post that doesn’t contain a letter as important as that!  Don’t get me wrong – the letter I’m avoiding is important, too.  However, it can be avoided rather easily compared to other vowels.

I’m so glad I didn’t need a word that contained the letter “q”…


6 thoughts on “What letter am I avoiding? | The Daily Prompt

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