Dedication and Music | The Daily Prompt

Written for The Daily Prompt:

It’s definitely true that we’re not good at tooting our own horn; it’s so easy to focus on the things we dislike about ourselves.

I love my dedication to some aspects of my life.  I have a pretty high work ethic, and I do whatever I can to help my students succeed without doing too much.  I also keep trying to become healthier.  Even if I “fall off the wagon”, I will get back up again after I get my mind right.

I enjoy creating music and am good at it.  While I’m not the BEST at it, my goal is not to become famous; I just like to have fun, and I’m succeeding at that!  I’d like to share my music here, but I also want to remain anonymous so that I can be as candid as possible on this blog.  I may start a new blog just for showcasing my music.  Maybe. 🙂


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