I have 3 months to live (if I’m lucky)


My 2nd blog post and my 1st Writing Challenge.

The world is going to end in three months.  Here are my resolutions with that in mind:

So many times, people make New Year’s Resolutions with every intention of carrying them to fruition.  I mean, that’s what resolve is this time of year. We make firm decisions about whether to begin or end a particular behavior.  Even so, there is so much skepticism and sarcasm revolving around this tradition.  It’s not like anyone ever really expects to carry out their resolutions.  They just enjoy the novelty of making them.

But what if it were different?  What if the resolutions everyone made were actually realized?  What if we actually did what we said we were going to do? How AMAZING we would feel!  We’d accomplish so much!


  • read more,
  • exercise more,
  • eat healthier foods,
  • eat less junk,
  • watch less television,
  • surf the internet less,
  • spend more time with our families,
  • tell our loved ones that we love them,
  • help others,
  • travel more,
  • do things that we’ve put off for entirely too long,
  • sleep more,
  • work less overtime,
  • quit smoking,
  • drink less,
  • learn new things,
  • get organized,
  • de-clutter,
  • save more money/get out of debt,
  • travel more,
  • and many other things.

So why don’t we do what we’ve resolved to do at the beginning of each year?  Every single item on that list is there because it will make us feel better once we accomplish it.  “Oh, I can start tomorrow.”  Well, guess what?  Yesterday you said “tomorrow” and you only have about 90 tomorrows left.


If I’m lucky, I have 90 days left, too.  This is what I will do.

1. Rid myself of excuses
If I want something, then I need to go after it.  If I continually allow myself to make excuses, will I ever be happy?  Of course not!  I will make time to do the things I most want and/or enjoy. There are so many things I do that waste precious minutes… hours.. days, even.  I know there’s time.  There’s time to make that recipe, time to work out, time to read, time to work on my music, and there’s time to spend with family.  There is time for ALL of it.  And there is every reason in the world to enjoy what little time I actually have left.

2. Smile at and make more eye contact with strangers
Smiling not only reduces stress for myself, but it also positively affects those who witness me smiling. (Or so, that’s what the research says!)  Sometimes all a person needs is someone else to smile at them to change the entire day’s trajectory for them. If we only have 3 months left – at best – I want to make complete strangers feel as good as possible even if we don’t have the chance to interact.

3. Let at least 1 person per day know that they matter to you
I advise students in a community college setting.  Many of the students I work with come from low socioeconomic backgrounds and even more of them are first-generation students; most of my students have both qualities. Over the past 6 years of advising, I have met a countless amount of students that don’t have much of anyone outside of school rooting for their success. I think I have done a pretty good job of letting my students know I believe in them and that they matter to me, but I will now make a more concerted effort to do so.  But, given that the world is going to end, I probably won’t be working there any longer. 😉  So that will need to bleed into other areas of my life now…

Outside of work, I am involved in an underground/independent music community, and I absolutely will not give that up just because I won’t be able to create music in 3 months.  Not when my fans need me the most.  From what I can tell, most of my fans are musicians themselves… musicians that are hurting for a variety of reasons.  It simply amazes me how easily I can affect others by writing sincere posts on my facebook fan page.  I will continue to do that.  I will also let my husband know on a more regular basis how much he means to me.


We have 90 days to live our lives.  What will you do with yours to make it count?


2 thoughts on “I have 3 months to live (if I’m lucky)

  1. I like your resolutions, they are not dissimilar to my own. Ever since I heard a woman talk about how she was on her way to commit suicide but resolved that if someone (anyone) smiled at her on the way to her destination she would not kill herself, I realised the power of smiling and reaching out. Good luck and Happy New Year! 🙂


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